Dental Accident and Emergency Insurance – is it a necessity or a Red Herring?

Whilst we do provide plans with insurance, 77% of our clients elect not to include an accident and emergency insurance product with their plan.

In a recent survey we discovered that very few patients ever process and claim. Why then do most plan providers include it as a mandatory benefit? The premium on insurance products is typically price tagged from £0.50p to £1.00, but in fact costs the providers just a few pence, so the premium is a great source of income and profit for them.

We undertook a survey, where 45,000 plan patients were reviewed and over a three-year period only 15 claims were made.

What to do:

  1. If you are considering the introduction of a plan, or a looking to re-position your existing plan, consider the appeal an insurance benefit will have before you decide which plan provider to work with.
  2. You may want the added flexibility of being able to have a plan with no insurance if you feel this suits your needs better.