Portishead Dental Practice

Principal dentist Frances Dowler from Frances Dowler and Associates in Portishead comments on how Privilege Plan has made a difference to her practice

“It makes a really pleasant change to have a way of rewarding regular attendees for their loyalty to me and the practice, after 30 years running a small family dental practice. It’s also nice to know that patients will be encouraged to attend for regular check ups- with no fee to pay. This also makes examination appointments much easier for my reception staff to administer, and from the patient’s point of view, there is no dis-incentive to attend, in the form of a fee at the end of their visit. This is very important in these recessionary times- and not only that, but Privilege Plan gives a discount on the costs for any private treatment that is needed. This is the benefit for the majority of our patients- they know that if by any chance they do require treatment, they will get it at the very best price.

From a practice perspective it allows a certainty of regular monthly income, which makes cash flow more predictable, and there is NO risk of “supervised neglect”- and under-treatment, since this is NOT an insurance policy- it is a way of spreading dental costs to be attractive to our loyal patient base. There are no complex assessments to categorise the treatment needs of individuals- just a simple form completed by reception staff in about 3 minutes with the patient.

We now have almost 900 patients on plan, which we have managed to achieve in just over a year. The team really believe in the benefits of the plan for both the patient and the business. Some people may wonder how we have managed to be so successful – well, it’s been relatively easy. The reception team mention the plan and its benefits to patients as they arrive for an appointment, giving them a leaflet to browse through as they wait to be seen. Once they come through to the surgery, we show the savings to be made off any dental treatment the patient requires. We provide dual treatment plan estimates with totals so it’s totally clear to patients just how much money they can save. Once they finish their appointment they return to reception with the estimates and our reception team briefly outline the treatment necessary and the difference in costs and then ask the patient whether they would like to join plan. It’s all done very low key – and the majority of patients look at the benefits and savings on treatment and join there and then!

The regular income has been a real benefit during the inclement weather – I know we have a good proportion of our practice costs covered, which makes life much less stressful for me. Even holidays are more enjoyable as I’m not stressing about how much money is being banked.

All the contacts with the Managing Director of Privilege Plan – Lesley Bailey- and her team have been efficient and effective. Lesley herself has a background in the finance sector, and has plenty of experience in service industries. From my position, Lesley is extremely approachable, and available, and has given invaluable help in planning and managing finances in a small business. She has proved an inspirational motivator for the team, and understands only too well the problems facing small independent practices in these challenging financial times. I cannot recommend Privilege Plan highly enough,- it has changed my practice for the better and much improved my working life.”