Caron Smith, Practice Manager

Having been customers of the “market leader” in dental payment plans for many years the decision to change plan providers was not taken lightly. Having made the decision to explore our options we met with Lesley, her presentation and the ethics of the company impressed us straight away. We began the conversion and have never looked back.

The vast majority of our patients have been more than happy to convert and are happy to do without the “extras” they got as part of their previous plan as they simply didn’t use them.

The practice is now saving a considerable sum in administration fees but I have to say the administration of Privilege Plan is so much better and so much more accessible. We simply email and changes to plans are made instantly. Under or overpayments are corrected within 3 days and the sign-up fee that our girls get per patient signed onto plan is always a welcome bonus.

I would recommend Privilege Plan to anyone and would be happy to speak to any practice considering changing.