How to maximise the return from your Full Care or Capitation Plan

If you offer a Full Care or Capitation Plan to your patients or you are acquiring a practice which has a Full Care Plan, then this series of Blogs will provide you with lots of information about how to avoid some of the costly pitfalls associated with Full Care Plans. The series will cover the following areas:

  • Audit the distribution of patients between bands and how this can impact revenue and profit
  • How providing access to multiple hygiene appointments will destroy your profit margins
  • Review the fees for each band
  • How to work out your hourly rate income from Full Care Plan patients and the cost of Family Discounts
  • Buyer beware – inheriting a list of supervised neglect is your worst nightmare
  • Dental Accident and Emergency Insurance – is it a necessity or a Red Herring?
  • How much administration fee are you paying each month?

Well-managed Care Plans can be a major source of income to the practice, but it is vital to ensure you regularly assess your plans to confirm they are contributing the correct hourly rate to your business. If you diary is busy but your profit is less than you think it should be, it could be the income being generated by your Full Care Plan which is undermining the performance of your business.